Products for outdoor applications

DAC System first family of products monitor broadcast towers.
Based on our unique and patented system, we can monitor none invasively the radio frequency signals (rf) in the tower at the antenna input and at the power splitter/divider used for the distribution.

Our modular sensor technology can be used across all frequency bands with a very high dynamic range and are available with different connectors.

EIA - 7/8
EIA-6 1/8

Data sheets


Based on the sensor information we provide real time, on-line data on VSWR/Return Loss at each antenna and the power distribution in the tower. All data are logged and allow trend analysis.

The System provides trend curves for power and return loss with set threshold barriers for alarms. Trend curves allow to take preventive maintenance actions before a system failure or break down.

Typical Sensor Installation

The sensors are typically installed directly at the antenna panels or at the power splitters.

  • The sensor signals are transmitted to the Junction Box. The junction collects signals of up to 16 sensors.
  • The Junction Box aggregates the information and connects via fibre optic cable to the Data Logger.
  • The Data Logger collects all data of the tower and is interfacing with the internet/intranet and communicates with the network management software DACS Analytics.
  • DACS Analytics allows to monitor a network of hundreds of towers, prepare statistical information, trend analysis, generates alarms, etc.

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Products for indoor applications

DAC System monitors outdoor and indoor rf-signals.

Our RF-detector is able to connect to already installed directional couplers, digitize the information and forward it to our Data Logger.

RF detector

DACS RF-Detector

Typically, today the directional couplers are installed at the combiners of several channels in the transmitter room. Operation and maintenance people can measure locally with analog equipment the power level.

With the DACS rf-detector the power level is digitized and all data are logged in the Data Logger. Not only the power level is measured also VSWR and return loss is calculated. Equally, to the outdoor solution, alarm thresholds are set to indicate immediately problems or failures. The operation people can act on the spot, real time and prevent from further damages or bad services.

All measurement data are stored for trend analysis allowing preventive maintenance in the centralized DACS Analytics SW package. This functionality is available as SaaS or in-house installation.

DACS Analytics