Antenna Monitoring

Today the radio signals in the broadcast tower are not monitored!

Incidents which could affect the broadcast service!

  • lightning- short-circuit and blow-outs
  • water and humidity infiltration
  • mechanical-electrical damage due to long term use
  • burning or loss of insulation characteristic by exceeding maximum power limits

The rough and harsh environment affecting cables, connectors, splitters, dividers, antennas, specially at the connection points, and lowers the service quality over time (the radiated power).

The operator has today no monitoring information and is not aware about any malfunction in his broadcast tower. That results in the following problems for the network operator:


  • The operator cannot do preventive maintenance
  • If there is a malfunction the operator is not aware where it is
  • The operator has no knowledge about the radiated power
  • The operator cannot monitor the elements in the tower

With DAC Monitoring System a total solution for a broadcast network operator can be built.

DAC System for “outdoor” Tower Monitoring

The modular products family allows to build systems for small, medium and high power broadcast towers across the full frequency range.
For further information please download our system flyer

DAC System Features

  • Real Time control of all antennas and power splitters/dividers
  • Immediate failure detection and localization
  • Detection of performance degradation
  • Knowledge about the power distribution in the tower
  • Actual vs. theoretical performance monitoring