DACS Monitoring and Control System - Overview

DAC System monitors and controls RF-systems, indoor and outdoor with a set of sensors and detectors.

Local web based software allows configuration, alarm and performance measurements. All data are permanently recorded. Continuous monitoring allows preventive maintenance action and lower the risk of service failure.

The system scales from 0 to 250 monitoring points per Data Logger. With DACS Analytics a full network is supervised with a easy intuitive graphical user interface.

Benefit for the Network Operators

With the DAC System, the operator is able to offer Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) to the broadcaster, control outsourced actions or multiple channel setup reliable. Fully transparent the radiated power can be reported and prove SLA compliance. 

DAC System offers and end to end solution for the monitoring and control of the RF-systems. Protecting made investments and prepare for coming challenges in a competitive environment.