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The RF-System Health Monitor

The DACS Analytics map overview is the health Monitor for a total network of RF-systems. Colours indicate degraded, failure or maintenance status. With two clicks relevant information is retrieved. Trend analysis per monitoring point are used for detailed situational understanding and related actions.

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There are 2 ways how to use DACS Analytics:

  • Use the SaaS service from DAC System, operation and maintenance is done by DAC System for an annual fee per monitoring point.
  • Install DACS Analytics in-house (one-time license), operation and maintenance is done by the operator or an outsourcing partner

DACS Analytics connects to all sites with Data Loggers and collects all monitoring data. DACS has developed an optimized communication scheme to work efficiently with little bandwidth. 

DACS Analytics offers remote configuration for all soft parameters on site. The system manages 3 levels of abstractions: System Administration, Operator Organisation, Customer Level. With this features Analytics support Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) set-ups with operators or outsourcing partners.

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