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DAC System and Dielectric Inc present: RF-Hawkeye
A unique and revolutionary product to measure on-line/in operation the degradation of transmission lines and moreover detect sparks/arcs.

RF-Hawkeye offers unique features:
- detection of degradation changes > 1dB
- arc events  > 100us
with an accuracy of +/- 8 inch in 2'200 ft long lines.

This new Features offers key benefits to broadcasters and drastically cut the maintenance and operation cost:
- Very short return on Investment, high cost savings
- Premium Service quality, low service down time
- Reduce maintenance costs with remote online quality measurement
- High safety for towers, specially important in residential areas
- Detect transmission line degradation early to start preventive maintenance action before severe damage on the infrastructure

The product is easy to retrofit in existing installations. The new sensor is installed close after the transmitter in 20 minutes.

RF-Hawkeye is an extension to the DAC Monitoring and Control Solution and seamless integrates with the successful DAC Sensor product line.