DAC System

direct antenna control, real time,

everywhere, online

  • Real Time control of all antennas and power splitters/dividers

  • Immediate failure detection and localization

  • Detection of performance degradation

  • Knowledge about the power distribution in the tower

  • Actual vs. theoretical performance monitoring

DAC System - How does it work

News / Events

June 2017

DAC System installs first 500m high Antenna Top Monitoring in the US


DAC System, specialised in broadcasting monitoring systems, in partnership with Dielectric announces its first installation in the US.  Together they installed the system at the WGME tower in Raymond, Maine. read more

January 2017
DAC System received a very positive preliminary report from the EPO on the patentability of the DAC System. As a next step DACS will apply for the National Phase in selected countries