In-Service Radar Technology able to localize RL/VSWR degradation and ARCs for High Power RF Antenna system

Tower meter included to read RL/VSWR, FWD, and REFL RF power level

through the Coupling Unit ports

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  • 19” 2HU Rack Mount
  • 3xLAN interfaces for remote control
  • Up to 4 True RMS RF inputs for additional monitoring points (SMA)
  • Power supply 110/220 VAC
  • Full GUI on web interface
  • SNMP I/F
  • Controls: RFHawkeye, Power Sensors, I/O Unit
  • I/F to Apollo

  • Two versions: UHF and FM/VHF
  • Output Frequency for UHF systems: 187.5 – 312.5 MHz
  • Output Frequency for FM/VHF systems: 333 – 466 MHz
  • Output Power: Configurable up to +34dBm
  • Mechanics: 19’’ 1HU
  • RF Interface 2xN Female connectors
  • Power supply 110/220 VAC
  • LAN I/F towards Tower Meter / CMU
  • LEDs for local signaling

  • Transparent to Broadcast service signal
  • Multiple models for all the line sizes from 7/8” to 8”
  • Rejection of TV channels , UHF version
  • Rejection of FM and VHF channels , FM version
  • Tight coupling in radar frequencies

  • VSWR/RL Degradations localization
  • *ARCS Localization
  • Accuracy: 20 cm (8")
  • Trend curves, Alarms
  • SNMP
  • Multi FWD and REFL points included
  • Multi VSWR/RL readers included




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