About Us

DAC System stands for Direct Antenna Control System representing a unique and innovative solution for the broadcasting world with advanced state-of-the-art sensors and devices for the Monitor and Control of transmission lines, antenna arrays, power dividers, combiners and filters.

Our technical team is composed of high levels engineers that own a strong Radio Frequency technologies knowledge and Software experience. The deep knowing of the Broadcasting field and also the Telecom market are indeed our core businesses.



Pietro Casati


Paolo Delmastro

Operation & Supply Chain

Giulia Polizzi

Customer Support

Maurizio Santovito

Software Developer

Marco Isella

Junior Software Developer

Luca Brena


Salvatore Morasca

Admin & Logistics

Francesca Cardelli

Marketing & Communication

Arianna Confalonieri

DAC System started in 2013, thanks to a clear request from a national broadcaster to develop a solution able to understand what occur within the RF antenna environment and thus to have the possibility of preventing failures in time.

It has been incubated into the USI Startup Centre in Lugano (Switzerland), consequently into the Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency for technology start-up companies and now it is based in Manno (Switzerland).

DAC System owns several licences and cooperates with important universities in Switzerland and Europe. Its self-developed and customizable solutions are manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards and are sold worldwide to several broadcasters and network operators.