The DAC TETRA/LMR/PMR RF GUARDIAN monitoring system is an innovative technology of Antenna Monitoring system.

It provides :

  • Broadband Power detection to read in real time the RL/VSWR and FWD,REFL RF values of our antenna
  • Channelized Power detection for unlimited number of channels in real time
  • Spectrum Monitoring Analysis with plots in real time

    The above solutions are offered with an innovative software that keeps
    database and history analyzing the data and sending alarms and warnings.

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Advanced Monitoring System to Detect Radio Frequency Interferences and to Measure RF Power Channels


Spectrum Plot Channels


RF Power Detection of Channels


Monitoring Interferences


19" subtrack - 1HU / H43.7mm x W483 x D220mm

1 x AC 90 ...264V, 47 ....63hz - IEC

SMA F-Connector- 4 ports- (FWD + RFL) 

40 MHz to 2 GHz


The RFGUARDIAN software provides Real-Time Spectrum Analysis and Return Loss or VSWR and power value measurements for each of the configured channels and for the composite signal:

• Web GUI with dashboard
• Spectrum plot
• FWD,REFL and VSWR/RL meters on single channels and composite Alarms thresholds configurable along the line
• SNMP interface (alarms, values) available
• TCP/IP – IPv4 – DHCP or Static
• Features of different versions can be enabled by means of license keys


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