Broadcast Technology is an important infrastructure for every country.
Broadcast towers transmit (analogue or digital) Radio and TV-signals from content providers in various frequency bands up to 860 MHz over the air (terrestrial).

DAC System builds an End to End Monitoring System to measure the RF-Power and quality of the signals in the channel combiners in the transmitter room (indoor) and in the antenna system installed at the towers (outdoor).

At the centralized Network Management Centre (NMC) the operator can supervise the infrastructure in the tower and in the technical cabinets where the transmitters are located with DACS Analytics.

Alarm thresholds inform the operator immediately with SMS, Email or Push APP about system degradation, failures or break downs of transmitter equipment.

With the DAC System the operators can warrant the quality of the broadcast service, distributed power, efficient operation and security at any time!

DAC System provides sustainable benefits for the operator in an increasing competitive environment. With a very short Return on Investment (RoI) time the broadcast operator benefits not only with reduced costs but also from increased security for its installations.