Real case of detecting failures

As a result of the constant monitoring of the Dac RFHawkeye, we spot the failure before it was too late for the antenna. With our preventive maintenance we were able to detect the little difference of the impedance match due to local heating.

The system provides insight into performance trends over time, helping engineers predict and address a problem before significant damage and downtime occurs. This is thanks to the continuous time-domain measurements of all post-transmitter RF passive components. 

Our service, made by our expert engineers, has the ability to understand and pinpoint the exact location of the issue – all from a computer or cellphone using RFHAWKEYE’s user interface. If the local engineer is not familiar with the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurements, the system can be monitored remotely by a Regional or Group Manager as well as by Dac system engineers.

RFHAWKEYE allows us to monitor degradations along with forward and reflected power, which by default helps us understand antenna health.

Our solution gives concrete accomplishments to our clients and we are proud of it!