RadioWorld Tech Update It’s about us!

Radio World 1228 (Radio World) – on Oct 26th, 2022 published an article about us!

The article in Radio World about the RFHAWKEYE system is an exciting development for the broadcast industry. 

The ability to monitor all components of an antenna system in real-time is a significant breakthrough, and it has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of broadcast operations.

In the past, antenna system monitoring has been a manual and time-consuming process, requiring technicians to physically inspect each component of the system periodically. This process is not only inefficient but can also be prone to errors, and in the worst-case scenario, can lead to costly downtime.

The RFHAWKEYE system addresses these challenges by providing real-time monitoring of the feeder of an antenna system. This includes monitoring of the transmission line, antenna, and all other components of the system. The system uses advanced algorithms to detect and diagnose any issues in real-time, allowing for rapid response to any potential problems.

This type of monitoring is critical for broadcast operations, as any interruption or downtime can result in lost revenue and a negative impact on the audience experience. With the RFHAWKEYE system, broadcasters can be assured that their systems are operating optimally, and any issues can be detected and resolved quickly.

Overall, the RFHAWKEYE system represents a significant step forward in antenna system monitoring technology. By providing real-time monitoring of all components of an antenna system, it offers broadcasters the ability to maximize the efficiency and reliability of their operations, ensuring that their broadcasts are delivered with the highest possible quality.

You can see it in the digital edition of Radio World at this link: