NAB Show 2023 participation

This year was the 100th anniversary of the NAB Show, a great milestone for the Broadcasting world in the USA and worldwide.

In April, DAC System was a guest of their big and strong partner Dielectric Inc. in their booth throughout the Nab Show 2023.

Pietro Casati (CEO) and Luca Brena (Software Developer) supported and attended Dielectric’s stand for all current and potential customers of the RFHAWKEYE System.

Dielectric presented for the first time on the market the Apollo IoT SW platform, the latest from DAC system, as a remote and real-time software platform capable of centralising all RFHAWKEYE systems in the USA and at a glance having a simple and intuitive overview.

All major US TV and Radio broadcasters visited the Dielectric stand and confirmed the technological benefits of the RFHAWKEYE system and APOLLO.